Huge rich violet flowers with a deeper rosy bar. This clematis is named after one of the three Wise Men as well as Brother Franczak's father. Hard pruned it will flower later but nearly all summer. This is another import from Poland that you will not see often in the USA.

Group: Early Large Flowering
Height: 6'-8'
Location: Sun- lght Shade
Blooms: Spring & Fall
Pruning Group: 2 - Light Prune
Raised By: Stefan Franczak 1970 Poland
Zone: 5-9
Color: Purple/Lavender

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Kasugai is a lovely Violet Blue flowering clematis which seems to always be in flower here. I am very impressed with the growth and flower power it has. I was surprised in the spring of 2016 with large double darker flowers with a streak of white. I have been very ill and had not been able to cut Kasugai back. Once these flowers were done I cut it back hard to get fast regrowth and loads of single flowers. It is listed as a type 3 hard prune clematis but I know I will be not pruning it that way any more. I will layer it in order to get layers of both single and doubles. Easy to grow and highly recommended!

Group: late large flowering
Height: 6' to 8'
Location: Semi shade best for color
Blooms: June-Sept
Pruning Group: 3 - Hard Prune
Raised By: K Sugimoto
Zone: 5-9
Color: Blue

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