H F Young

This Lovely old time favorite has large blue flowers with creamy a yellow center. Free flowering and an easy keeper. Treat it as either as a Type 2 for earlier single and semi-double flowers or as a type 3 for later flowers and easy pruning. Named for the Director of the Pennell’s Grimsby Nursery. Vigorous and Free flowering.

Group: Early Large Flowering
Height: 8-12’
Location: Any
Blooms: May-June, Sept
Pruning Group: 2 - Light Prune
Raised By: Walter Pennell (UK) 1962
Zone: 5-9
Color: Blue

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Hagley Hybrid

Pale Pink flowers with purple reddish bars. Does well in shady spots and is very easy to grow clematis.
Also known as “Pink Chiffon” This Percy Picton Clematis got its name from Hagley Hall where he was once the Head Gardener.

Group: Late Large Flowering
Height: 5-8’
Location: Sun, Semi-Shade
Blooms: June- Aug
Pruning Group: 3 - Hard Prune
Raised By: Percy Picton (UK) 1945
Zone: 4-9
Color: Red/Pink

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Spectacular White Flowers with a faint purple stripe on the back gives the appearance of a pink bar on the front. Yellowish anthers. Free flowering and a rapid grower.
This picture is from my favorite customer Toni in NW Florida.

Group: Late Large Flowering
Height: 10-15'
Location: Full Sun
Blooms: July-Nov
Pruning Group: 3 (Hard Prune)
Raised By: Francisque Morel (France) 1914
Zone: 4-9
Color: White

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