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New for 2017

'Beautiful Bride' NEW!

I first saw this striking clematis while following a winding path through the garden belonging to Szczepan and Barbara Marczynski.
Seeing it ahead stopped me in my tracks. It truely looked like a Bride standing a head of me.

Group: Early Large Flowering
Height: 6-8'
Location: Any
Blooms: May-Aug
Pruning Group: 2 - Light Prune
Raised By: Szczepan Marczynski - Poland 1992 2009
Zone: 5-9
Color: White

$19.00 per vine
In stock

'Stolwijk Gold'

Here is one that will get noticed in your garden. Light golden foliage with dainty violet blue flowers with a yellow center.
My plant in the display garden in nearly always in bloom. Easy to grow and no pruning. See picture here:
http://www.clematis.hull.ac.uk/new-clemdetail.cfm?dbkey=3337. I only have a limited number of these.

Group: Atragene
Height: 3-6
Location: sun to semi shade
Blooms: April-Sept
Pruning Group: 1 - No Prune
Raised By: H Stolwijk Holland 2006
Zone: 5-8
Color: Blue

$18.00 per vine
In stock

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New for 2017